Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Instant Art

Add this to the list of projects that anybody could do.  Seriously.  It was so easy it took all of about 5 minutes.

My sister works at a card store, and regularly sends these beautiful, detailed greeting cards just to say hi.  You know, because she's amazing and likes to brighten people's days.  So she sent me this greeting card because it reminded her of me: AKA-I love French/France and wish I had that Audrey Hepburn finesse.  The card was just way too pretty to put in my filing cabinet of special things, so I decided to frame it to enjoy every day.

First, I spray painted an old Goodwill frame.  It started as a honey brown color and I wanted the frame to be crisp white.

In between coats I got my double stick tape, my card, and a paper backing to use as a matting.  I used some cork "paper" that I had leftover from another project, which you can find in the scrapbooking section of any craft store, but I thought gray or off-white would have been pretty too.

I measured out my distance from side to side so the card was centered and level on the paper, and then I taped.  Easy as that.  Double-stick tape is like my new favorite craft weapon.  Some people swear by Frog Tape--I swear by double-sided tape.  :)

Stick it in the frame, and ta da! Instant art.  It currently resides on top of a bookshelf in the office along with a painting of my dad when he was little.  My grandmother's caretaker enjoyed painting as much as my grandmother did, and she painted this picture for my grandmother before she passed.  It's one of a series of 4 school pictures they had taken.  I love art that has sentimental value...it makes the home more collected and special.

xoxo- L.o.L. :)

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