Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Five

01. this shockingly true diagram
Just a little reminder to stick to your  New Years resolutions

02. our new recycling bin
(sorry for the poor iPhone photo) Our city is starting a new recycling program this week that is not only green, but cost-effective as well.  These new bins hold twice as much as the smaller bins, and there's no need to separate plastics/metals from papers anymore.  I may be a recycling nazi, so this makes me very happy.

03. a combo of my current read, Jean Ralphio, and the electric blanket
The blanket and the kitty were two of the best Christmas gifts, and I decided I needed to read Anna Karenina before I could go see the movie.  It will probably be out in the RedBox before I finish.

04. our new backyard
Yep.  Still soaking up the product of our hard work.

05. everything about this band
Little Boxes will still always be my favorite cover, but the Taylor Swift video is nothing short of amazing.  Complete with a little Lion King.

xoxo- L.o.L.  :)

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