Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Five

I'm back with another edition of my 5 favorite things of this week.  I've had a blog post up and ready except for the final pictures and I haven't been able to find the time to take the pictures and finish it up.  Maybe later today.  So without further ado:

01. these shoes
Nice brown flats are not easy to find, but these are a classic.

02. this app

Check to see if your library offers books through mobile devices.  Ours uses OneClickdigital and OverDrive and you can either listen to or read books straight from your phone/tablet/computer.

03. metal roofs
We've recently been getting estimates for a new roof and I would really really LOVE to be able to get a metal roof.  They're more expensive initially, but add so much charm and charisma to a house.  Plus, they're more energy efficient, made from recycled materials, and last from 20-50 years!

04. grumpy cat
What's even better than Grumpy Cat?  Grumpy Cat next to Ron Swanson.

05. this blog
She is this cute, southern interior designer with impeccable taste, and a city garden.  How much more perfect does it get?

xoxo- L.o.L. :)

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