Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Five

My five favorite things of the week. Aka: My favorite Instagram/Pinterest picks of the week.  Enjoy.

01.  this amazing goat print
You can't look at this and not smile.  :)

02.  this stove-top potpourri
It's so easy and fresh.  My house smells like a Williams-Sonoma.

03.  this song
Basically the entire RED album.  Love me some T. Swift.

04.  this face
Seriously.  So cute.

05. reminiscing about the NYC Marathon
The marathon is still one of my top 5 life experiences.  The camaraderie and sense of community was unbelievable and I wish it were something everyone could experience.

What things are you thinking about this week?

xoxo- L.o.L. :)

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