Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Five

I can't manage to blog 3 days a week (my goal) but I can certainly share my Friday Five!  And in attempting to not fail at my goal my second week of writing, I will be back later today to share about my lovely little container garden.

01. these dog treats
I forget where I originally found this idea, but 17apart has a simple recipe.  Not necessary to spray the pan, and, bonus: the oven helps warm the house!

02. this girl
Seriously.  Could she get any better?

03. this book
So so funny.  I finished this book while standing in line to vote, and I was seriously that girl laughing out loud while reading.  I couldn't help it.

04. this watch

05. this guy
So. funny.  He was back on Parks and Rec last night.

xoxo-L.o.L. :)

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